Veterinary Medical Clinic is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Less than 15% of all veterinary facilities in the United States are accredited by AAHA. We greatly exceed the state’s minimum standards.

The AAHA Standards of Accreditation are widely used as benchmarks to measure excellence in veterinary medicine. Our clinic has been successfully evaluated by an outside consultant on over 800 standards that directly correlate to the care we are providing your pet. The standards are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure they remain consistent with changes in veterinary medicine and technology. To maintain our accredited status and to make sure we are keeping up with industry updates, we are evaluated every three years.

In 1997 Veterinary Medical Clinic was designated by a National Committee of Veterinarians as a “Practice of Excellence” in the United States.

Our Feline Wellness Clinic caters to cats and small exotic pets only. It’s cat friendly and quiet.

Our staff consists of a practice administrator, administrative assistant, patient care coordinator, receptionists, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and eight doctors. We have a very caring and competent staff.

We work very closely with several emergency clinics in the area. Always call the clinic at (813) 289-4086 anytime and at any hour and we will give you the phone numbers to our emergency referral clinics if we are closed. We consider these emergency clinics an extension of our clinic.

We provide free delivery of medications and special diets (South Tampa Area only). Ask us about becoming a VIP client.

We offer a very informative and constantly updated website for our clients. At VMCTampa.com we are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our commitment to you…

  • To provide quality, dependable and courteous service at all times.
  • Client concerns will be viewed as important matters and will receive immediate response.
  • Maintain the latest medical instruments and equipment for optimal pet care.
  • Our staff is committed to maintaining cleanliness and order in our facility at all times.
  • We will welcome suggestions and comments from our clients.
  • Our staff will be continuously educated on providing excellent patient care and client service.
  • We will always provide the most cost effective means to meet your pet’s medical needs without compromising quality care.

What we expect from clients…

  • To provide the staff with accurate and complete information about past and present illnesses, medications and other matters related to your pet’s health.
  • To report unexpected changes in the health condition of your pets as early as possible.
  • To tell us if you don’t understand diagnosis or treatment plan for your pet, as well as the cost of treatment.
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by the doctor and staff.
  • To keep appointments.
  • To ask for estimates or cost of services before services rendered.
  • To give us feed back on the level of care and service you and your pet received.

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COVID-19 Service Announcement

Our clinic is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19. Our highest priority is the safety and health of our employees, our clients and their pets, also maintaining the ability to provide the excellent service you have come to love and expect from Veterinary Medical Clinic and Urgent Pet Care of South Tampa. We are open regular hours and will keep you updated if our hours change.
We have new cleaning protocols in place for keeping everything extra sanitized and we as a clinic are practicing all the safety guidelines that the CDC has put in place. We also need your help, please, if you are sick yourself, or have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive, or traveled in the last 14 days stay safe at your home. If your pet should need our care please have a designated person set up to bring in your pet for you, if that is not possible, please call us so we can try and work something out for you. We also ask that when you are ordering food and /or meds that you understand we are ordering all the time, so there is no need to double or triple your normal orders, that way we are able to fulfill all our client's requests. You can also go to our website you will be able to locate the home delivery box at the bottom of the page.
If you have any further questions don't hesitate to call us and we will keep you updated as we are updated. If you have Facebook, please like and follow us, we will be updating on a regular basis. Be safe and Take Care!